Marfix C3

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Marfix C3 concept "Compact & Smooth"

The body's diameter is 75mm (ref. N4 85mm) and the drag system uses smooth Carbon drag washer.

C3 uses one way cratch kits as standard parts. The one way cratch is the best custom parts to support smooth slow pitch jerk. 

The best situation is depth up to 300m by PE 2, 2.5, 3.


1. Aluminum one piece cutting frame

2. Long aluminum arm by 2 position, 80mm and 100mm

3. High hardness handle Knob by EVA 

4. High strength stainless gear 

5. Lever Drag

6. Silent system

7. Large diameter carbon drag washer

8. One way cratch

9. Max widing/handle rotation is 100cm as the same as other Marfix series

10. Ball bearing 7 + 1pcs (ref. N4 : 4pcs)


Gear ratio Ball bearing Weight Line capacity(PE)

Max widing /handle rotation

Max drag



4.8:1 7+1pcs 660g





*RH : Right Handle model

*LH : Left Handle model

Recommed Custom Parts

Marfix Power handle arm made of Duralumin

Feature : Light, High sensitivity, Curved Handle

Model: 110mm / 115mm

Preset Knob

This Preset Knob is light and easy to turn drag knob.

Model : Right handle / Left handle