Yarie Jig Ring

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Round shape ring gives no big damage of leader or assist line by long fighting time or power fighting compared to metal stamping type. 

The conventional metal stamping type ring has 4 corner and these edge gives damge to line during long fight.

If you have a problem to cut leader at jig ring position, we recommend to use this round shape ring.

#3 target is small fish like 2~3kg

#4 is Japanese standard size up to 10kg target

#5 and #6 for Over 20kg

Type: round shape by welding method* 

Piece : 100pcs/pack

Legend Norihiro Sato's recommendation

Size lb wire diameter Inner diameter weight
#3 200 0.9mm 4.4mm 0.09g
#4 250 1.1mm 4.7mm 0.14g
#5  400 1.4mm 5.2mm 0.27g
#6 450 1.5mm 6.0mm 0.34g
#7 500 1.6mm 7.2mm 0.45g