SUNLINE Shock Leader FC Tunageat

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New generation shock leader released from SUNLINE.

Material : fluorocarbon

Length : 50m (30lb, 35lb, 40lb, 50lb), 30m (60lb, 70lb)

Legend Norihiro Sato's recommendation


1. By applying Patented technology "Plasma Rise", the line surface is modified to special polymeric layer such as elastic rubber band.

Due to significant knot tightness by the elastic property, it achieved great improvement in high knot strength of the line and a braid line as it is important for shock leader.

2. The special polymeric layer can perform the big advantage against damage and breakage due to snags.

3. Due to high knot strength and high abrasion resistance, you can target fish with the thinner line than usual.

4.It can be applied to a wide range from Super light jigging to Offshore targeting big fish.