Unique Marfix custom parts

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Unique Marfix custom parts

We have several custom parts for Marfix.

Marfix is the best selling jigging reel since 20 years ago in Japan.

All Marfix series have high reliability for big target fishes, so many professional anglers use Marfix. 

Today news

Unique handle arm and Preset Knob are released for Marfix.

1. Handle arm made of Duralumin

Line Up of unique handle arm is 110mm and 115mm type. In Japan, Asian people prefer to use 110mm type. If you'd like to use long arm and powerful model, we recommend to use 115mm type.

Current Marfix manufactures by ATEC and we have handle arm for ATEC model.  But if you have old Marfix made by previous companies, Mamiya OP or RYOBI, we also have this 110mm and 115mm handle arm.

2.Preset Knob

This unique item is easy to turn drag knob compared normal knob.


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