TSS Custom Marfix LN4 LH

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Marfix LN4 Left Handle Model

Custom Parts

Studio Ocean Mark AE100 Cork knob with smoly red cap

TSS Duralumin handle arm 115mm / color Gunmetal

TSS Custom Spool / hole type / Gold / PE3 x600m  

The Marfix series continues to be loved by fans even after 25 years since its birth. This time , a new model that further evoluved the Marfix will be released. " Marfix LN4" inherits the "sturdiness", " simple structure" and " good drag" of the conventional Marfix N4, while achieving lighter weight and the accompanying high sensitivity.Through a thorough review of the structure, we have achieved a weight of less than 700g, making it possible to fight at a higher level while maintaining Marfix's original rigidity and durability. Detailed improvement have been made, including improved operability of the drag lever and preset knob, a one way clutch as standard equipment, and the use of a crank handle. This is a machine that allows you to experience Marfix's innovation.

01 Drag Washer

Equipped with a smooth and strong large diameter cork drag washer. The heart of the powerful drag that can withstand long fights with big fish.

02 Stainlesss steel gear by machining machine

The main gear is a spur gear that can be said to be a symbol of Marfix. This machine-cut stainless steel spur gear provides torquey widing.

03 L-type drag lever and aluminum crank handle arm

The L-shaped lever along the spool improves drag operability. The tension ball can be assembled from the top of the lever. The cranked handle arm shape allows for stable reeling close to the center of the rod.

04 Studio Ocean Mark Cork Knob AE100 + TSS Duralumin handle 110mm


1. Thorough weight reduction

2. Rotate smoothly preset knob

3. Parts with few edges improved fitting

4. One-way clutch standard equipment

5. Lightweight spool

6. Large diameter cork drag washer


Gear ratio Ball bearing Weight Line capacity(PE)

Max widing /handle rotation

Max drag



4.4:1 6+2 698g








*RH : Right Handle model

*LH : Left Handle model