Legend Norihiro Sato and Deep Liner jigs history

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Legend Norihiro Sato and Deep Liner jigs history

Legend Norihiro Sato was able to give verious jig actions by using one type of jig called " Caprice " produced by Evergreen. He can control the jig action by changing the operation of the rod, reel and in addition assist hook system.

The issue was that it was very difficult for many anglers to produce various movements with one type of jig. Sato also says that ideally for one jig, it is desirable to use one type of rod and a specially tuned reel to make the jig action with a system that is configured with the best balance. 

Higashimura who is Deep Liner Captain and Designer, in addition a disciple of Legend Sato, has been developing jigs and rods so that many anglers can produce the action of jigs expressed by Sato as much as possible. He has developed various types of jigs so that anglers can catch fish under ever-changing sea conditions.

The configuration of Deep Liner jigs is such that it can attack the target fish very logically.

Please try to use them.

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