Custom Marfix C3 OS Blue Limited Edition model RH

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TSS custom parts

Parming Cup

Lever Drag(silver)

Preset Knob (silver)

Marfix C3 Limited Edition tuned by TSS

1. Spool rotation is very smooth

2. Easy to wind the line

3. Line comes out even with a light jig

A complete limited production model that marks a new page in the history of Marfix.

The C3, which can be used as an all-rounder from coastal waters to expeditions, has evolved further. Limited model with the same blue color as the past masterpiece Marfix, equipped with a high-strength cork grip that allows you to feel a slight contact during mid-deep sea jigging and high pressure.

The evolution of Marfix does not stop in the ever-evolving slow-pitch jerk world.

BEARINGS 7+1 pieces
LINE CAPACITY(PE) #1.5-1200m, #2-900m, #2.5-700m, #3-600m
LINE RETRIEVE(cm/1rotation) 100cm
DRAG MAX(kg) 8kg

*RH : Right Handle model, *LH : Left Handle mode

Other recomended custom parts

Preset Knob

This Preset Knob is light and easy to turn drag knob.

Model : Right handle / Left handle


Assembled TSS Custom Parts

TSS Parming cup

TSS Lever Drag

TSS Preset Knob